Established in 1948, Tadano Ltd. is today one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hydraulic cranes, with a diverse product range that includes rough terrain and all terrain cranes, truck cranes, truck loaders, aerial platforms and related products and equipment. Consistently in the forefront of crane technology, Tadano enjoys an equal solid reputation for reliability and service in the more than ninety countries where its products are marketed.

From the beginning, Tadano’s policy has been to provide quality machines for society’s changing needs. We believe that machines exist to serve people - and so our products must benefit not only the company itself, but our community, and the environment we all share. We have crossed many frontiers in hydraulic crane technology in the pursuit of those ideals.

As a result, our cranes have performed consistently well in this competitive market, earning for Tadano a reputation for uncompromising quality that has endured for half a century.

Looking ahead, Tadano continues to build customer confidence worldwide through a network that includes FAUN GmbH as a production base in Europe and local partners for sales throughout the United States and Asia. While stepping up R&D in current fields, we are now also diversifying into ecology-related and other areas.

We approach the 21st century as a truly global company confident of making ever more significant contributions to world society.

All Terrain Rough Terrain
> ATF400G-6 > GR-1600XL
> ATF220G-5 > GR-1000XL
> ATF180G-5 > GR-750XL
> ATF130G-5 > GR-550XL
> ATF100G-4 > GR-350XL
> ATF70G-4 > GR-150XL
> ATF50G-3